FAQS for MusiciansWhat does it cost to be a member?

Our Basic Membership is only $9.95 per year! Please view our very affordable Membership Plans.

As a member, what can I edit / upload?

After becomming a member, you can edit your band's description, bios, giging calendar, etc., and you can upload your band's logo/banner, a custom background, upload photos, and if your membership plan includes it, upload audio and videos of your band. Please view our different membership plans to see what privileges each member type has.

Is Gigs4All a booking agent?

No. Gigs4All is not a booking agency or talent agency. We are an online database of bands and solo performers from around the country, that provides a medium for musicians to post their profile on our site. Gigs4All is basically a "venue", where bands can represent and showcase themselves. Anyone wanting to hire a band for an event can browse our database to find the right match, and then contact the band(s) directly to discuss all details and terms of the gig.

Does Gigs4All negotiate the terms of my gig?

No. All arrangements for all gigs are made directly between the bands and the person(s) hiring the bands. Gigs4All is not in any way involved with any of the details or arrangements. We simply provide the medium for you to connect up with each other. The rest is up to you.

Does Gigs4All guarantee my band will get gigs?

No. We can't make any promises. We cannot guarantee you will get any gigs. But posting a profile on our site will certainly help your band gain some exposure, and might help you to get some great gigs!

Does Gigs4All get a percentage of my gig money?

No. The person(s) hiring the band will pay the band (or solo performer) directly. We are not involved at all in the actual transaction, or any of the details, nor do we take a percentage or "cut".

Does Gigs4All help dispute any problems with the gig or performance contract?

No. All arrangements are negotiated directly between the bands and the person(s) hiring the bands. Gigs4All does not get involved with any dispute or disagreement of the terms or arrangements of the gig/performance. If there is any dispute or disagreement between the band(s) and the person(s) hiring the bands, it is up to those parties to discuss and negotiate, and to resolve any and all differences without involving Gigs4All.com.

How does a hiring professional contact me about a gig?

After browsing bands, and reading band bios and descriptions, when someone wishes to contact a band regarding any further questions or to hire the band, they will use an on-site contact form that will send an email to the email address you registered with. After that initial contact is made, you can provide the hiring professional with your phone number, email address, band web site, etc., and all communications should be done directly between the band and the person(s) hiring the band.

What happens when my membership expires?

You can renew/extend your membership at any time, even after it expires. If your membership expires and is not renewed, your band profile will still remain on our website, but will not appear in any search results. Audio and video files will not be playable.

What about my privacy?

All information about your band (descriptions, bios, photos, etc.) that you provide when filling out your profile will be visible to anyone browsing this site. That's the whole idea of this site, so someone looking for a band can find out as much as possible about the band to determine if the band is a good fit for the event.

To protect your privacy, do not include any personal information (address, phone number, etc) in your profile that you do not wish to share with any visitors to this site.

Note: The email address that you enter when you register for this site is not displayed in your profile (unless you specifically enter that email address into the description box in your profile) and is not "visible" to site visitors. When a person who wishes to contact a band or solo performer in regards to a gig, they will use an on-site contact form that will send an email to the email address you registered with. The onsite contact form protects your email address from being "seen" by the person making the contact. After the initial contact is made, you can provide any other contact information you wish to the interested party.

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