Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What's the fasted and easiest way to find a band in my area?

Our site provides the ability to search by genre, venue, keyword and proximity. To find a band in your area, simply enter your zip code into the proximity search box and will will list all of the bands in your area.

Do I need to be a member to contact any of the bands?

Nope. Just start browsing and contacting.

Is Gigs4All a booking agent?

No. Gigs4All is not a booking agency or talent representative. We are an online database of bands and solo performers from around the country. Anyone wishing to hire a band can browse the profiles to find the right match for their event. Then you can contact the band and make all of the arrangements directly. Gigs4All helps to make connections, the rest is up to you.

Does Gigs4All represent any of the bands?

No. All bands, solo performers and musicians represent themselves. Their profile acts as an on-line press kit.

Does Gigs4All recommend any of the bands?

We have such a broad and diverse membership of bands, it would be very hard to recommend one above any other. The bands shown on the home page are merely a random sampling of our membership. Our members regularly rotate in and out of the home page, so overtime, all members on the site will be highlighted at one time or another. If you spend a little time browsing and listening, we are sure you will be able to find a band to meet your needs.

Does Gigs4All negotiate the terms of the performance?

No. All arrangements for all gigs are made directly between the bands and the person(s) hiring the bands. We simply provide the medium for you to find each other.

Does Gigs4All charge a commission or fee to contact any of the bands?

No. There is no fee or commission charged. Simply start browsing and contacting.

Does Gigs4All help dispute any problems with the gig or performance contract?

No. Since all arrangements are negotiated directly between the bands and the person(s) hiring the bands, GIgs4All does not get involved with any dispute or disagreement of the terms of the gig/performance.

How do I contact a band about a gig?

After browsing bands, and reading band bios and descriptions, to contact a band regarding any further questions or to hire the band, simply use an on-site contact form that will send an email to the band. After that initial contact is made, all subsequent communications should be done directly between you and the band. It is a good idea to obtain more information from a band, such as a demo CD and/or press kit, and arrange for an audition or go see the band play live before you hire them to make sure they are the right band for your event.