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Jimmy Martin Ensemble- Chicago, IL, , . Artist Bio JIMMY MARTIN ENSEMBLE -Chicago, Illinois A dream has come true to bring together a group of outstanding musicians capable of performing all styles of music – R & B, soul, blues, gospel, jazz, , pop, reggae, disco, and Motown. Our group is comprised of Jimmy Martin (Saxophones, Flutes) Dora washington (Lead Vocals) Mike Smith (Keyboards,Piano) Keith Bennett (Bass Guitar) Craig Harper (Drums,Percussions) Leo Crowe (Lead Guitar) DJ.Bush(Percussion). We compliment one another mu....


Sonoran Jazz Project (.com), Fountain Hills, AZ. Sonoran Jazz Project is the professional outgrowth of a musical relationship that began years ago when Matt Johnson met Tanya Hedjazi in the music program at Northern Arizona University. Today, more than ten years later, that relationship continues and has produced a lot of great music. “In addition to the requisite standards that every are common to anyone who has performed or listened to jazz, you’ll hear a lot of latin & caribbean influences, funk, & blues in our music. We perfo....

Professional Music Productions, Phoenix, AZ. A Music Company you can 'trust' to deliver on it's promise' Professional Positive Timely Dependable All Artists are hand-picked & must meet high standards. OUR C.E.O. Jesus Christ (Unsurpassed in Creativity, Production, Direction & Promotions) Professional Music Productions was founded in January, 2007 by TinGle The Singer to help steer music in a POSITIVE direction, promoting respect of parents, leaders, life and women... to uplift the God-given dreams of future l....

Untied Laces, Phoenix, AZ. We are a unique Band that consists of (piano)(sax)(bass) (drums) and can also provide (Guitar)that plays different genres of music, in different styles creating a wonderful atmosphere for any occasion. We can play funk to swing jazz, smooth Latin sounds to country standards, Motown, R&B also original music that we create on the spot. With our 150 years combined experience in music we are well equip to fulfill your event needs. .


Liqdzunshine, Beach Center, CA. Liqdzunshine is a 6 piece funk-driven hip hop group with live instrumentation. Rejecting the contemporary focus on material possessions (bling), Liqdzunshine brings a positive message with their lyrics..

California Flight w/Jerry J, Berkeley, CA. Keys, Guitar, or sax for smaller gigs For larger dates: bass, 2 keys, guitar, sax, Percussions, 2 female vocals.

The Griffin Band, Bixby Knolls, CA. The Griffin Band plays all types of music and venues. We have been pleasing all types of people in all types of settings for more than 50 yrs. Music for every era and everyone. Perfect for Parties, Corporte Events, Weddings , Festivals & Fairs! For booking and more information contact us at (562)400-5097 or email us at george4livemusic@msn.com.

Josh Shimchick, Burlingame, CA. Always looking for good musicians to play driving music..

The Blade Co, Calabasas, CA. Leader MICHAEL BLADE, who has been featured as Arranger, Producer and Sax player on over 75 Albums & Sessions with such major names as Michael Jackson, Tupac,The Artist (Prince, Chaka Kahn and Death Row Records Artists w/Suge Knight, founded the Band. This eight-piece Powerhouse Show Band has appeared at many prestigious Events, including the Academy Awards, Parties for Warner Bros., Disney, Merrill Lynch and the Oakland A’s. They have provided commercial music tracks for Budweiser & ....

rachelbrillsmusic, Canoga Park, CA. mostly folk with classical flavour... harp, violin, cello, guitar, vocals, flute, drums... available as you desire.

Saturn, Echo Park, CA. Saturn incorporates the afro-centric sounds of funk, R&B, Soul, rock and gospel all with smooth jazz undertones. Founded by Memphis native, Kashan Ramahn (bass/vocals). Inspired by funk legends: Earth, Wind & Fire, Cameo, The Commmodores, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Stevie Wonder among others, Saturn's stage shows have turned an event into an old fashion house party!.

freelancer, Farmer Market, CA. berklee college of music triend drummer.

After Maxwell, Freestone, CA. Power 3 piece rock band. All orginal material. Intense live performance. Professional musicians..

Drummer/ Percussionist, Hollywood, CA. Deacon is a freelance drummer/percussionist based in Los Angeles, California. Before relocating to LA in 2002, Deacon lived in Texas where he performed and recorded with various artists in cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. He is currently playing with a hand full of artists around LA whose styles range from folk to experimental. "I believe that you should always play what is best for the song, whatever that my be." Deacon is always looking for new ways to expand his musica....

Gryphon Labs, Hollywood, CA. Somewhere in the sonic universe there's a place where the auditory wizardry of Pink Floyd and Brian Eno intersects with the progressive groove consciousness of Funkadelic and Massive Attack and the experimental, virtuosic extremities of The Mars Volta and Tool. Gryphon Labs begins there, taking those influences and a myriad of others and putting them through an instrumental filter, resulting in an exciting new fusion of rock, electronica, world music, and the improvisatory elements of jazz. But ....

Dwayne Ladd, Huntington Beach, CA. Keyboard Player and pianist.

epic versona, Los Angeles, CA. epic versona is a 2 member alt-hip hop group. described by many as the future of hip hop and rap music. expect the unexpected. see and hear more at www.myspace.com/epicversona & see other related projects: www.myspace.com/illadapted and www.myspace.com/thechillaah..

BAUTISTA, Marinwood, CA. Influenced by early Santana, Tower of Power and the incredible music and musicians of the Jazz Fusion Era BAUTISTA utilizes a three piece Percussion Section of Set Drummer, Conga Player and Timbales/Hand Percussionist along with a very smooth Bass Player, Hot Rythym/Lead Keyboardist and Drivin' Rythym/Lead Guitarist/Lead Vocal playing excellent original music and sultry Covers by Sade, Santana, and others. BAUTISTA has very danceable Latin Beats and tight Funk Grooves. If it's a party you w....

FRANCOIS Music For All-One Man Band, Mission Viejo, CA. Hello, My name is Francois. I am a ONE-MAN-BAND and I play Saxophone (Alto, Soprano, Tenor) and Flute with an enhanced electronic backround. My music was born out of a love for performing, for any occasion imaginable. You can see me at selected restaurants and private parties in Orange County. Music repertoire consists of smooth jazz, standards, easy listening and soft rock from many of the great artists, past and present. I have played in major resorts around the world while touring with C....

Teria Morada Latin Funk Fusion, N Hollywood, CA. latin funk fusion .

Micah, Oceanside, CA. Contemporary Jazz with hippie vibe lyrical originals and jazzed out classics.

East Wind, Sacramento, CA. You’ve waited way too long for this! East Wind brings back the "old-school" Funk, R&B and Rock into the 21st Century the way it’s supposed to feel, and Better Than You Remember! We ALL lived & breathed these styles of music when it was created and shared the stage with many of the world-famous original artists who wrote it. Today we bring you hot vocals and harmonies, a real old-school horn section, and the funkiest rhythm section this side of Motown. Our performers: Barbara Long (le....

Madera, San Diego, CA. *Gypsy Electro/Acoustic Rock* Madera (formerly SWNomadic) has been performing as an ensemble since 2005 around San Diego and the West Coast of the US. Now a quartet, Madera specializes in fuzing elements from world music cultures (bellydance/bhangra/flamenco/indianclassical) with rock/reggae sensibilities, creating a unique and well-travelled sound. Madera features singer/songwriter Andre Elias on vox, guitar, and various percussion. Violinist Adam Ainsworth blazes it up with a touch of bl....

Hippie Grenade, San Francisco, CA. Hippie Grenade is a unique five peice band from San Francisco that plays a scintillating combination of rock, funk, soul and jazz. For more information, please visit http://myspace.com/hippiegrenade..

MamaKoatl, San Francisco, CA. MamaKoatl is a musical project designed to dissolve borders of culture, music and health. We groove with the acoustic sounds of guitar, cajon and upright bass. We sing of migration, transformation, healing violence and transgressing borders. MamaKoatl barrio poet, songstress, kurandera, ARTivista, works for the reconnection of the human soul with the living Earth through music, prayer and political action. .

RagaPhonia, Sunnyvale, CA. ragaphonia plays beautifully weaving acoustic music, blending fingerstyle guitar and bass with classical Indian string and percussion instruments and haunting vocals. Their world music ranges from western jazz and California sound to classical Indian ragas, all played with the most careful and soulful virtuosity. You will remember a ragaphonia concert for the rest of your life..

Saturn, Valley Village, CA. SATURN, 'THE COOLEST PLANET ON PLANET EARTH.' A Los Angeles based band founded in 1996 by Memphis native, Kashan Ramahn (formerly Ernest Griffin, Crenshaw High graduate and radio voice of the Cougars). Incorporating funk, R&B and soul with spiritual elements of smooth jazz and gospel. Saturn's talents have earned them much recognition by industry notables for their writing, arrangements and high-energy stage performances. Visually dynamic on stage, the Saturn sound is unique. Blending eth....

Oscar Jordan Band, Van Nuys, CA. Who is Oscar Jordan & The Mighty Sons of Hercules' Oscar Jordan & The Mighty Sons of Hercules is a funkified blues rock band fusing elements of 70’s funk, blues, rock and soul to create a unique musical vision. Their diverse influences include Jimi Hendrix, Sly & The Family Stone, Stevie Wonder, Prince and the best of Chicago blues. Their live shows are always in the moment and they never play the same song the same way twice. Heavy on the party vibe, showmanship and improv....

Dan Kaneyuki Quartet, Yorba Linda, CA. The Dan Kaneyuki Quartet features California's most talented fresh jazz musicians. This instrumental ensemble specializes in creating an elegant and intimate atmosphere for nearly any event. Perfect for a private romantic dinner, banquet, cocktail/dinner hour with light dancing and anywhere where an intimate atmosphere is desirable. We strive to offer that perfect balance between quality and affordability and hope to have the opportunity to prove why the Dan Kaneyuki Quartet is considered to be ....

The Jump Drive Band, Yorba Linda, CA. The JUMP DRIVE Band A dance band based in Los Angeles/Orange County area providing live music throughout the Southern California area for corporate events, city and county events, casinos, dance clubs, weddings, private parties and special occasions. The JUMP DRIVE Band will light that spark, that gets your party dancing, laughing, and having fun. We have talented, experienced musicians who have performed with notable artists in the Los Angeles/Orange County area playing the best dance....


CIDER COURT, Denver, CO. Pop punk band from Denver, Co. Sounds like blink 182 with an edge. check out the music at myspace.com/cidercourt1.

Peneplain Jazz, Denver, CO. We offer jazz groups from solo piano to sextet; classic to contemporary styles. alented, professional, flexibile and original are just some of the words used to describe the Peneplain Jazz Project. We are a group of award-winning jazz musicians that play all styles of Jazz; from Swing to Bop, Latin to Contemporary, Funk and even some Jazzed-up pop tunes. PJP is built around a dynamic rhythm section of piano, bass and drums to which we add instrumentation as needed. Available instruments inclu....

Ryan Elwood | Jazz Ensemble in Denver, Denver, CO. The Ryan Elwood Jazz Ensemble performs unique and energetic jazz in a fun and listener-friendly fashion. Aside from striving to be the best musicians we can possibly be, we pride ourselves on arriving on time for performances, being courteous to our audiences, keeping the volume at a decent level, and doing whatever it takes to meet or exceed expectations. Since 2006, this group has been performing in nightclubs across Denver, as well as at events for large corporations, small businesses, non....


samero, Newark, DE. I am a Touring Independent Musician, Available to Produce or Perform. Call 321 689 5276 Go to www.genomusic.com Online Song Distribution, Recording Studio, Rock Bands, Lessons, Musicians for Hire, Gear Rental, Management, Booking. Geno and Co. became an entity of it's own out of a need to release meaningful yet random music. With this new concept, Geno is able to dive into all impromptu styles and emotions almost instantaneously through song melding and jams. Often band members are from other pr....


eclectrico, Golden Isles, FL. latin merengue bachata flamenco funk rockabilly surf lounge jive bop n blues.

Roly o ( rolyomusic@gmail.com ), Hialeah, FL. I am a singer/guitar player,and I play with background music in which I re-record at my home studio. I play upon early request,any artist any song,no event is too small or too big for me to perform at. I enjoy playing music and learning new requests..

SpeakaMan, Margate, FL. Listeners just want to hear more!!! Gaston, NC– Beatmaster SpeakaMan incorporates rock, R&B, hip-hop, reggae and more into his unique sound. Driven by high-power hooks, invigorating melodies, heady vocal skills and memorable lyrics, SpeakaMan’s genre-bending music is an original creation constructed from the ashes of conventional genres drained by mediocre mainstream aesthetics. SpeakaMan has taken sounds familiar to many listeners and found a new artistic context, mixing flavors with sea....

Hiroko and the New Standard Trio or Quintet, Miami, FL. Star quality vocals, precision musicianship and sophisticated yet popular song list. Great energy, great performance. .


Atlanta band- Jinx, ATL, GA. Jinx formed in the fall of 2008'. We play a variety of musical styles, current rock, classic rock, R&B, crossover country and now incorporating dance. We seek to appeal to a broad audience. Each band member has extensive experience in the club scene, studio sessions, and opening for national acts. We promote our show by using web pages, e-mail and press releases. We are currently booking shows for the upcoming months. .

The Soulshine Band, Fitzgerald, GA. Hey guys! Soulshine is a Southern rock/outlaw country band made up of 6 close friends who really enjoy playing music and putting on a great show! Soulshine plays it all pretty much with a southern sound. Hip-Hop, Rock, Alternative, Blues, Country, Top 40, Outlaw Country, and Southern Rock with a Large song selection to choose from! You can check us out on myspace, or at www.soulshineonline.com www.myspace.com/soulshinebandfans Thanks Alot we hope to play for you very soon!.

Mostai, Marietta, GA. Solo Electric Guitarist Mostai Mostai has performed and recorded nationally and internationally with names like New Edition, Bell Biv Devoe, Johnny Gill, Charlie Wilson, India Arie, Teddy Riley and Tyler Perry to name a few. As an instrumental electric & acoustic guitarist he provides the perfect accompaniment to settings where a loud band or vocalist would be too distracting. Although well suited for the intimate setting, Mostai can also play for large crowds. Mostai uses a phrase sa....

Dwayne Boswell Band, Perry, GA. Original Singer/Songwriter Recording Artist. Song Samples from original CD, FREE SPIRIT. Dwayne Boswell plays all instruments and vocals. Also, Variety of classic recognizable songs from all popular genres he can sing and play instrumentally. Can play anything. Extensive song list plus willing to learn special songs for events. Easily transforms from an easy listening cocktail/dinner situation to a FULL PARTY DANCE BAND. If you need experience in reading a crowd then you need Dwayne Boswell. ....


morelifeexperience, Chicago, IL. .

Pocket Xplosion, Chicago, IL. Power trio. Energetic, dynamic, well rehearsed, professional. Excellent musicianship. All original..

the lie of a pipe dream, Chicago, IL. We an eclectic group of musicians who sometimes use the guitar, bass, drums, keyboard, harmonica, trumpet, and other instruments to play songs we've heard or songs we like. .

The New Fuse, Chicago, IL. The New Fuse was formed in Chicago during November of 2004. The heart of The New Fuse consists of a trio of Chicago area players that decided to try something a little bit different from their other respected musical projects. Each member of the trio was able to bring a different set of experiences to fuse this new blend of faintly familiar sounds. The band has since built a solid foundation of original music as well as a growing base of fans that come out to hear this unique blend of funk, rock....

Cynthia, Park City, IL. A solo act full of power energy, and ready to entertain you. Cynthia is a must see for your eyes and ears, a remarkable talented individual. Covering R&B, Jazz, Blues and Gospel and doing all 4 very well. Check her out on http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/CynthiaThomas .

Ambient, Peoria, IL. The members of Ambient have performed together for years at local churches. They have been playing instruments all their lives and the love for music has continued to grow. In 2006 Ambient became an official band and have gained a diverse following in Central Illinois. Since the formation of Ambient they have provided music for many weddings, socials and jazz events. Members of Ambient: James Ware ~ DRUMS Walt Herrod ~ PIANO Andy Hendrix ~ BASS Mike Burrell ~ SAXOPHONE.




Java Jive, Islington, MA. Java Jive is a three piece male band with great singers, trumpets and trombone, as well as keyboards. A female singer is optional. The music is everything from Sinatra to Motown to Outkast! Our web site is "www.javajiveband.com". Please visit the site to view our song list and hear the band!.


Alex Brown Music, Columbia, MD. Jazz, Latin Jazz, Classical, etc. Size can vary based on what you are looking for. For a full press kit and calendar, visit: www.sonicbids.com/AlexBrownMusic.


LOVE JONES, Detroit, MI. The talent of this group is a musical force to be reckoned with, from the full sound, to the smooth harmonies, to the unending versatility. Love Jones has a repertoire that will peak interest from various age groups and many genres of music. .

The HTS Band, Detroit, MI. The HTS Band The HTS (Healing To The Soul) Band is a group of musicians and vocalist joined together by the ties of many genres of music. The band is made up of a 4-piece rhythm section, vocalists, and horn section. All styles from jazz, oldies, r & b hits, blues, and neo-soul. Due to the band having such an eclectic background, The HTS band has played for numerous events varying in types of venues. The HTS Band is known for playing cabarets, birthday parties, corporate events, ....


All Around Drummer/Producer/Engineer, Lakewood, NJ. I'm a producer/engineer and a very talented musician (drums and keys). When I'm not gigging I'm in the studio recording. .


Jay Harmon (www.jayharmon.com), Cleveland, OH. Self Contained solo artist featuring Jay on sax,keys,and lead vocals. Backed by music tracks performed by Jay..

Jessica Stewart - Pianist, Cleveland, OH. Jessica is currently the accompanist & musical director for the Ground Floor Theatre in Cleveland Heights, a high school music accompanist/assistant in Shaker Heights OH, the accompanist for the SELREC Singers show choir of South Euclid & Lyndhurst OH and a pianist for Gesu Church in University Heights. She also performs on a regular basis for weddings, parties, business functions and has entertained at some of Cleveland's top venues including The State and The Allen Theatres, Fat Fish B....

Blair Entertainment, Independence, OH. Blair Entertainment offers some of the finest live entertainment available. We have over 40 different acts of many varieties (not all are shown on this site) and service the Northeast and Midwest regions of the country and beyond! We are best known for: • High quality entertainers & productions • Unique/Rare forms of live entertainment (Dueling Pianos, Live Band Karaoke etc.) • All music genres • Soloists, small ensembles to full dance bands • The majority of our preview videos a....


Clambake Combo, Portland, OR. Clambake plays jazz and "gypsy jazz" in the style of gutarist Django Reinhardt. Although we have six members in the band, we play in various combos depending on availability and space/budget of clients..


Jon Mernyk, Baederwood, PA. A pro, seasoned guitarist looking to work with other experienced musicians. Road, studio, stage.. I'm totally flexible. For a few samples go to: www.myspace.com/jonmernyk .

Joe Wahl Band, Chester, PA. Do you like good music, sweet soul music' The Joe Wahl Band performs popular classic rock, blues, and soul music. They are a four piece blend of musical energy perfect for a corporate event, party, wedding reception, dance or club date. They perform a wide variety of musical styles including Motown, The Rolling Stones, Sam and Dave, The Meters, The Temptations, The Doors, Ray Charles, B.B. King, Elvis, James Brown, Wilson Pickett... you get the idea! They also love to perform instrumental jazz, ....

Tres Blaq, Phila, PA. With the music industry having its ups and downs, Michael “Mike T“ Tingle’s love for music has sustained his devotion for producing and performing the best in live music. As bandleader and guitarist for Tres Blaq, Michael has assembled some of Philadelphia’s finest musicians to put forth a product that his audience needs and desires. Michael has collaborated with fellow musicians such as PEOPLES Terry Gamble and the late Carol MacDonald of Buddha and United Artist records ISIS fame. He has a....

Monacy, West Chester, PA. Monacy hails from West Chester, PA, a bustling little college town on the outskirts of musical mecca, Philadelphia. The City of Brotherly Love has spawned a plethora of notable musicians including Patti LaBelle, Pink, G-Love, The Roots, Joan Jett, Will Smith, and Hall and Oats, just to name a few. It's the area's stylistic diversity that has so greatly influenced Monacy's musical soul. The band incorporates a tasteful blend of funk, rock, R&B, hip-hop, and soul, resulting in a unique and ....


BARFLIES, N Smithfield, RI. The BARFLIES are an experienced classic rock trio located in Northern Rhode Island,USA.Having been raised and exposed to music of the early 70's,we deliver a truly authentic performance. Vocal harmony's,scorching guitar solo's,thumping bass and drums are all hear for your entertainment. .


Michael Lewis, Pleasant View, TN. Formerly based in Nashville, TN, now back in Washington State where he lived before moving to the Music City, Michael Lewis is a pop/blues artist with overtones of jazz. A seasoned professional, Michael has performed hundreds of shows with various bands and as a sideman for major label artists. He brings to the stage a polished stage presence, phenomenal guitar chops and a top notch band, not to mention some outstanding songs from his recent recordings. Michael's band and his acoustic duo (Th....


JUMPSTART, Austin, TX. JUMPSTART your event or establishment with a perfect flowing mix from the 40s to yesterday, dance styles from the Waltz to Salsa, Country to Soft Jazz, Two Step to Swing/Big Band and regular slow to Polka to Rock your socks off. We specialize in All-Age-Appeal. Since 1988 JUMPSTART has been entertaining clients at public and private events: corporate, holiday, birthday, and fundraising events; and, weddings of all sizes. We specialize in entertaining! JUMPSTART is the perfect group to enh....

Sketches of change, Austin, TX. .


Seatown Rhythm & Blues Players, Kent, WA. Four piece group with Lead vocal singer Hamond B3 player and vocals lead guitar with back ground vocals Drummer with back ground vocals. All classical Mo-Town R&B, Blues from the 60's to today..

Maurice The Fish, Seattle, WA. "The band was AWESOME ... my group had a fabulous time and danced the night away. I've been a meeting planner since 1998 and Maurice the Fish was by far one of the best bands I've had for my programs. THANK YOU!"--Lynette R. – TD Telecom - Vancouver, BC . MAURICE THE FISH is an in-demand world-class dance cover band based in the Northwest. The group performs at corporate functions, private parties, country clubs, weddings and more. Showcasing an eclectic mix of the best danceable songs from t....


Resurrected Grooves, Glendale, WI. We are a very tight, experienced and versatile group. Constantly working on new ways to catch ears and eyes. Guaranteed to knock your socks off. The instrumentation includes: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums and the occasional guest horn player. Call 414-940-6689 for booking. View www.resurrectedgrooves.com A SITE IN PROGRESS..

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