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grunge music is at least one of the genres played by the bands listed on this page (ordered by location). To view the profile for any of these performers, click on the name of the performer, which will show you a more detailed overview of the musicians with photos, etc. The results shown on this page are nation-wide results. The fastest and easiest way to find the right band in your area for your event is to use our power browse feature.

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Ages Apart, Helena, AL. Ages Apart balances beauty and aggression on their debut release Can You Hear Me, a fresh voice in the melodic hard rock genre. Guided by producer Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, 10 Years, and Pillar, among others), Ages Apart seeks a sound both daring and familiar, at times introspective and at others furiously emotional. .


Paul Ludenia, Chandler, AZ. Looking for live music in a customizable package' Paul Ludenia, singer/songwriter/guitarist/entertainer, specializes in performing any kind of engagement including, but not limited to private parties, coffee shops, nightclubs, restaurants, weddings, or any special events or occasions. Paul can bring in his acoustic guitar to put on a solo show like no other, provide a duo or trio, and even provide a complete 3, 4 or 5 piece band. Whatever your occasion calls for. Paul has tons of experi....


Waiting in Vain, Alameda, CA. Born of Craigslist and assembled through; random sunnyvaliens, strange family linkings and of course the lovers and haters of spankys bar. We proudly present...Waiting in Vain....

Runon Fragment, Canoga Park, CA. Runon Fragment began in Orange County, California, in 2004 as the concept of Mark Ang, who set out to create catchy music that emphasized melodic hooks and lead guitar. Incorporating traditional musical influences with a folk approach to writing, Mark draws from a wide palette of styles to tell stories without boundaries or limits, from drug addiction in "Palette of Grey" to patriotic themes in "The Fight". Listening to a Runon Fragment record is an unpredictable, yet accessible ride in....

Mark Morris Music, Cupertino, CA. I play covers and originals. Covers of Dave Matthews, U2, Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Rolling Stones, Otis Redding, etc. For originals go to

FranStixo Drum-mudio, El Sereno Car, CA. .

Three Sheets To The Wind, El Toro, CA. You know what kids, we're giving you what you've been waiting for. ROCK and nothing but ROCK!!!! Killer guitar riffs, thunderous bass, harmonious vocals and drums that take down walls. I'll tell you what son, it's got everything you need!!!.

The Warthogs, Griffith, CA. new school grunge... .

Culture Killers, Hollywood, CA. Gritty, FUN, loud and catchy-as-hell Hollywood rock' roll played from the bleeding hearts of a gang of Rock disciples...

Drummer/ Percussionist, Hollywood, CA. Deacon is a freelance drummer/percussionist based in Los Angeles, California. Before relocating to LA in 2002, Deacon lived in Texas where he performed and recorded with various artists in cities such as Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. He is currently playing with a hand full of artists around LA whose styles range from folk to experimental. "I believe that you should always play what is best for the song, whatever that my be." Deacon is always looking for new ways to expand his musica....

Architetcs of Madness, Los Angeles, CA. Architects of Madness is a rock / experimental rock band that dwells in Los Angeles California, consisting of Mr. Malvado and MFOD. We currently have two albums that are on stand by for distribution. One is called "Unstable Minds," which is set up primarily of acoustic songs from the minds of their two individuals. This CD has been made and put together as the first step towards performance. (Due to the fact that we need a band to do the harder music). Unstable Minds was inspired by the true....

l.c.plum, Los Angeles, CA. .

RNR{randy n racquel}, Manteca, CA. a 2-piece m/f duo-60s-top40-patsy cline-pink floyd.

m.a.z., Placentia, CA. .

Dueling Pianos California | 2Grand Entertainment 530-314-1002 Travelin, S Lake Tahoe, CA. (530)314-1002 Traveling Dueling Pianos in California & nationwide 2 Grand Entertainment, AMERICA’S FAVORITE TRAVELING DUELING PIANO SHOW since 1993 has distinguished themselves as the unique experience in the private party/corporate event arena. Producing shows for renowned clients such as: Apple, LinkedIn, Face Book, John Hancock, Cisco, Time Warner, Bank of America, Harrah’s, The Children’s Miracle Network… Our all request, audience participation shows pro....

iY, San Francisco, CA. iy: the band was formed when three guys decided it was time to get together and smash out some garage-style cover tunes..

INTERNAL AFFAIRS, San Jose, CA. Nothing makes an emotional impact like live music. Internal Affairs, specializes in upscale events like yours. We add high intensity fun to the memories that will last you a lifetime. INTERNAL AFFAIRS is comprised of all professional musicians who play live and record as part of their livelihood. INTERNAL AFFAIRS comes complete with our own professional sound system of over $25,000 in equipment for a crisp, clear sound you would expect from a headlining act. During the breaks, we play th....

Oltramega, San Jose, CA. my band is just starting i need another guitarist,bassist,and a drummer,rite now im looking for that to get started.

Velvet Jones, San Jose, CA. We Play what you want to hear VELVET JONES will customize their song list to your occasion. Playing popular rock, dance, funk, r&b, disco and top 40, from the 60’s, 70's, 80's, 90's and Today makes VELVET JONES a popular attraction at any night club, -wedding, - festival, party or corporate event. We are a high energy, dance oriented party band. Come check us out. You'll be glad you did! CONTACT: LORI HOLLINGSWORTH 408-315-6063 OR

Country Grunge, Santa Clara, CA. Country Grunge is Norm Stinson, Chuck Bragg and Phil Bearce. We're a trio of old farts that like to play music. All three of us are songwriters and multi-instrumentalists who get together one day a week after work and put together our Alt-Country/Rock/Folk sets to play for you. Norm Stinson - Vocals, Guitar, Bass Chuck Bragg - Drums, Guitar, Bass, Percussion Rhys Alexander - Bass, Guitar, Vocals Phil Bearce - Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals, Percussion .


CIDER COURT, Denver, CO. Pop punk band from Denver, Co. Sounds like blink 182 with an edge. check out the music at


samero, Newark, DE. I am a Touring Independent Musician, Available to Produce or Perform. Call 321 689 5276 Go to Online Song Distribution, Recording Studio, Rock Bands, Lessons, Musicians for Hire, Gear Rental, Management, Booking. Geno and Co. became an entity of it's own out of a need to release meaningful yet random music. With this new concept, Geno is able to dive into all impromptu styles and emotions almost instantaneously through song melding and jams. Often band members are from other pr....


1Wolfgang1, Gainesville, FL. We are a classic,southern,and modern rock band playing all the standard cover tunes from bands like Lynard Skynard to Green day and Molly Hatchet to God Smack We have many years in the business from the Florida Keys all the way to Texas.We have several options when booking a show from light shows to sound systems.We currently play in the Gainesville Florida area but are looking to expand.If your looking for a rock band that will get your friends in a partying frenzy we are your guys. We are very....

Roly o ( ), Hialeah, FL. I am a singer/guitar player,and I play with background music in which I re-record at my home studio. I play upon early request,any artist any song,no event is too small or too big for me to perform at. I enjoy playing music and learning new requests..

Darlas Fettish, Longwood, FL. Orlando"s Premier Cover Band Nicole Eichten Fronts this four piece group with a lineup of mostly progressive (chick songs)that will keep the party going till 2:00 am,with Steve Spencer on lead guitar,James Ricci on drums and Rich Rowland on bass. .

SHADOWS OF THE SUN, Miami, FL. Welcome, we are Shadows of the Sun, an alternative Rock Band from Miami FL. Mostly influenced by classic rock, Such as: Led zeppelin, Lynyrd Shynyrd, Floyd, and the Doors. An order contemporary rock like: Creed, STP, pearl jam, BLS, Pantera and many others… Our sound is consider to be unique But still we carry some input from the bands mentioned .The band wants to send a positive message of love and hope to others and will try to reach into everyone's heart .Currently, The band its recording so ....


L.U.V., Mystic Sherpa, FreeKin Bekin, George Britt, Southern Thunder, Dacula, GA. The bands play a wide variety of styles, but they can give your audience what it wants...a great event with live music!.

ether, Dawsonville, GA. Become our friend at We are the only real punk rock band ever to come out of Dawsonville, GA (we think!) The band started 15 years ago and was originally called the "Acid Monkeys" which consisted of members Josh, Raymond and Brooks. The Band split up for about 10 years and came back together in Oct. of 2007. Brooks was replaced by Alex , Ray's brother, on drums and the band briefly became the "Atomicocks". Edgard started jamming on bass and the name was changed to "....

drummer looking for a band, Woodstock, GA. i can play with just about any style of band!.


Basement, Bedford Park, IL. Basement is an original alternative rock band from Burbank, a south suburb of Chicago, IL. The band was formed in September 2006 when members of the former band, Joe’s Mom teamed up with bassist Rob Chopik through mutual friendship. Each member brings his own style of music to the band – from early 60s Beatles to early 90s grunge to modern day rock – to formulate the unique sound of Basement. The connection they share with each other influences their music and is apparent when they perform. ....

Phalinx, Chicago, IL. music and meaning made love and had a baby and then came PHALINX... we're heavy and loud but with an eerie touch of gentleness... the vox,KONA, has his moments of belting out a roar but he doesnt scream thru the whole song cause otherwise wheres the message... well, our message... simple emotion tainted by the complexities of a misunderstanding generation.... just listen!.

The Idiots, Chicago, IL. The concept is simple. Four cousins who have been rocking together since they could talk. Just the basics: guitar, drums, bass, vocal. Rock and Roll; no frills, no djs, no computers..

Cool Beans, Crook, IL. We provide quality entertainment. Live bands available. Contact us If it is excellence you are seeking we can take your event tot the next level....

DeepSix, Oswego, IL. DeepSix plays a diverse mix of Modern, Classic & Alternative Rock as well as Modern Country.




Blackwater Noise, Peabody, MA. Blackwater Noise is the pristine entirely unfamous, incredibly uninfluential, and laughably unwealthy band from the Greater Boston Area of Mass! If you are seeking the absolute pinnacle of totally obscure underground music, look no further, as you have found Blackwater Noise! Ok, seriously though.... we are a 4 piece band based in Peabody, MA that is actually acombination of two other local bands of equal obscurity. We've been together in this particular line-up for about two years now, and t....


Leaded, Kansas City, MO. LEADED= (1) part palpable synergy + (1) part impassioned talent delivered with a shot of infectious intensity. LEADED is everything a functional, kick ass band should be!.

Dirty Sanchez, Lecoma, MO. We are all Soldiers in the U.S. Army stationed out of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. We are professional musicians in the Army and all have experience playing many different kinds of music, so we are suitable for any type of event from soft background music to dance, to rock and roll. We have approximately 8 hours worth of music as far as rock and roll, top 40, blues and dance music goes and are always adding. Jazz in unlimited. We have played many bars/clubs as well as many formal dinner/danc....


Melonbelly Acoustic Guitar Duo, Charlotte, NC. Want to hire an acoustic band for your wedding reception, corporate event or holiday office party' Melonbelly specializes in high quality live entertainment for corporate parties, weddings (rehearsal dinners, ceremonies and receptions), grand openings, birthday parties and more. Their playlist includes songs for all ages: Motown, oldies, beach, country, bluegrass, blues and classic rock to modern day hits. Shows feature intricate guitar, vocal harmony, harmonica and percussion. Melonbelly also ....


"RUMORZ", Teaneck, NJ. Rumors is a high energy party band that keeps the beat pumpin and the party thumpin. From Rock to Jazz and everything in between Rummorz is the band ready for the world..


The Mondays, Allenwood, NY. The Mondays are an original band out of NYC. Their catchy, radio friendly style has won them fans and friends throughout the northeast. .

44°N Wedding Band (Plan-b), Parishville, NY. Click here to view our website With over 100 songs in our repertoire ranging from classic rock, country and modern rock including nearly a dozen ballads, The 44°N Wedding Band has the versatility to cater to a wide variety of age groups and musical tastes. Formed as a group in March of 2006, all band members have numerous years of experience in live performance, recording and professional sound design. At the core is founder and front man Jeff Yette. Jeff has been involved in music sinc....

Identity, Patterson, NY. Identity is a Hard Rock/Grunge band from Brewster, New York. We have been playing together since 2003. Our influences range from Nirvana, S.T.P. to The The Beatles. With a new sound that spans the spectrum of music with hints of punk and metal, we keep things moving. .


On the Beach, Toledo, OH. Jeff Tucker & On the Beach travel from Northern Michigan to the Gulf Coast, performing music that includes a variety of dynamics - mixing elements of rock, pop, and country, with references to Americana and jazz. On the Beach is a road-tested concert act with a fourteen year history, and has twice appeared on the Mitch Albom Radio Show, performing live for an ABC Radio network audience of 2.5 million listeners nationwide. The band’s longevity reflects their audience’s appreciation for str....


Beer Can Fitness, Portland, OR. . We pride ourselves on our variety. Are energetic . And bring life to our music. We play covers. And are sure to find something u like! From Mary had a little lamb. To inside out by eve 6! to sublime. To she's country. You will love are front man Luke. So much talent. We are your choice for the best reasonably priced band in Portland . .

The 5th Elephant, Portland, OR. Visit us at T5E faithfully recreates the sights an the sounds of your favorite hard rock bands from the 1990's and 2000's. Our repertoire includes the likes of Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Green Day, Weezer, Pearl Jam, Collective Soul, and much more. You can hire The 5th Elephant for all types of engagements: corporate events, weddings & bar mitzvahs, festivals, clubs, and private parties. The 5th Elephant can provide DJ and sound services & equipm....


Fetzer Music Management, Bachmanville, PA. Email us @ to receive a press kit for the band that will best suite your event..

Crown Of Thorns, Phila, PA. We are a symphonic metal band..


Vallejo, Austin, TX. A striking blend of swaggering rock grooves, potent guitar work, Latin percussion and soulful lyrics has made VALLEJO one of the most popular bands to hail from Austin, Texas. The band has won numerous awards including Best Rock Band two years in a row at the Austin Music Awards, Austin's Aguila Award (which recognizes achievement in the Latin Community), awarded their own Vallejo Day by the mayor of Austin Texas, and was nominated for Univision's Best Latin Rock Band in Austin. Vallejo has also....

Logan Somers, Killeen, TX. My music is your music. I write and perform to give back to the music community; If it wasn't for music I wouldn't be alive today, so I plan to give everything I can. Acoustic Rock, Grungy Blues, Alternative, these genres describe the sound you can look forward to hearing from me. I write all of my own songs from the ground up. However, I'll throw in some covers every once in a while..

the crutch of society, Sherman, TX. experimental punk rock, goes in to many gernes, and many styles. .




Bitter Old Bastards, Stafford, VA. Group of older guys setting out on a musical journey (that got interrupted 25 years ago), determined to create chaos and shock an unsuspecting public. ******** Currently On Hiatus - We're Off Our Meds ********.


HARVEST, Bellingham, WA. Harvest is quickly on the rise to the top of the tribute world with their homage to the musical genius of the legendary Neil Young. The band, HARVEST, (named after Young's number one album of the '70's) was handpicked by solo artist Larry Green, who has been performing his Young acoustic tribute all over the world for the last thirty years. Harvest not only captures the sound and look of Neil Young and Crazy Horse (right down to the same stage set) but also recreates the classic harmonies of Cro....

Inquisition, Bothell, WA. We are the band in Seattle playing all of your favorite heavy songs. How great would it be to go to a concert where all of your favorite bands played their best hits' That's how you'll feel when we lay into one of our blistering sets - you'll want to shake your money-maker, pump your fist in the air and bang your head! Rock and roll is back, Seattle. Book Inquisition now for your party or club!.

Almond Buds, Kirkland, WA. Almond buds is an eclectic mix of musical styles brought together in an exciting alternative rock quartet. From Coreys 80's new wave and 90's pop rock, John's hair metal background, Austin's R&B and gospel roots, and David's classical vocal training, Almond Buds has developed its own distinctive sound. •Corey Knoblich - Guitars - Corey grew up in North Dakota on a steady diet of country and western music. Deciding that small town life wasn't for him he moved to Minneapolis and became a f....

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